Wednesday, December 2, 2015

" Blonde Bombshell " is here to SLAY

Hey guys, I am finally back and feeling better than ever. You ever had that feeling where you just needed to revamp yourself and try something different? Well this was my dilemma for the past few months but I just didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with myself. My hair inspiration came from a female designer named Ishateria. I have seen so many people try that look before her but she is the only person that has mastered it and made it her own. I've been in love with her hair color concept for so long. I've tried so many different color blondes and never been satisfied. I ended up on my explorer page and stumbled upon a hairstylist page. She had a color very similar to this and I fell in love. The amazing part about this was when I reached out to her, she had already been following me for quite some time, she not only lived about 15 minutes away from me but we share the same birthday. (Leos are the best) lol. I went in for a consultation and she created the perfect wig for me. I'm so excited. I never loved my hair this much since....NEVER. I am wearing 6 bundles of Brazilian hair from her line with a matching closure. This closure is growing from my scalp lol. I highly recommend her to anyone across the world. If you live in New York. go get your consultation done by her but if you do not, order a custom wig from her. I guarantee you will love your investment. It is so worth it. I finally feel like I found a stylist work I'm in love with. Her Instagram name is @jacqidollhouse and her email address is Tell her I referred you to get a discount on your wig, bundles, custom color or install. Some people rather ask their friends to do it or local hairstylist which I've attempted to do also but if you do not get it from the source, it will not be the same. I'm so happy I wear wigs now because my hair is beyond healthy. After feeling like a new person, I just had to shoot this hair. Hope you guys are ready for the new me.....



  1. Yay! Welcome back
    This hair is amazing...I can see why you fell in lust with the similar style


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