Friday, October 23, 2015

I am officially "YOUR PERSONAL STYLIST/SHOPPER " Yes You !!!!

Hey guys, I have a big announcement to make to my fashionistas

MY creative juices have been flowing and I came up with something very special for my followers. I am now officially " Your Stylist ". Yes, you heard it right. I have received so many emails from my supporters asking me questions like " What should I wear to prom?" " What should I wear for my birthday?" etc . Well guess what, now my services will be provided online worldwide. 

Here is how it Works:

I will be creating my own looks using statement pieces I find from all over the web, thrift pieces, clothing from my own closet as well as department stores that are hard to get your hands on.

The looks will always be posted on @shopsmwardrobe and sometimes on my main page @stafanimilano so make sure to follow both of my instagram pages for updates

You then have the opportunity to shop your favorite looks whether you are interested in revamping your wardrobe, attending a special event or even planning a hot first date. Whatever the occassion  is, you now have me to put looks for you together online. How cool is that???

1.Select the looks you like or single pieces from @shopsmwardrobe
2. Email to request an invoice for the pieces you would like to purchase
3. I order your complete looks or items and have it shipped to you

This is ideal for people that sometimes get stuck with nothing to wear or is open to trying a new look. As fashionistas, we always want to look & feel our best. Imagine havine your complete look mailed to your house without having the hassle of looking for it yourself. Well here is your chance to experience it first hand: READY,SET,GO

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  1. i love your style!by the way read my post about first date questions, style is also improtant but you need to know what you will ask enjoy!